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December 15, 2017

Unique Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Christmas is celebrated around the world with different traditions. So, how do other countries celebrate Christmas around the world? Here are just a few different traditions you may celebrate or maybe haven’t heard of:


Advent is celebrated by many Christians, specifically celebrated in many European countries like England, Germany, Austria, etc. It happens on the four Sundays before Christmas, and celebrates the nativity and preparation for the second coming of Jesus Christ. One tradition with advent is the advent wreath. The wreaths are generally adorned with four candles, three violet and one pink. Each Sunday, one of the candles is lit until the last Sunday before Christmas the pink candle is lit. Usually scripture reading, praying and devotionals accompany lighting the candle each week.

St. Nicholas Day

Celebrated in many European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and France. On December 6th in Europe, St. Nicholas visits children to see if they behaved well that year. In some countries, he is accompanied with the Krampus. Children put their shoes by the fireplace or outside their front door the night before. If children behaved well, they find candy and toys in their shoes the next morning. If they misbehaved, they receive a stick or coal in the shoes and would be punished by the Krampus. The most important lesson learned from the legend of St. Nicholas is generosity and to serve those around you.

Giant Lantern Festival

The Giant Lantern Festival is celebrated each year the Saturday before Christmas Eve in the Philippines. The event takes place in San Fernando, a large city in the Philippines. All the nearby villages compete in creating the most elaborate lantern. Traditionally, the lanterns were made out of Japanese origami paper and three feet in diameter. Today, lanterns are double the size and made out of a variety of materials. What ways do you celebrate Christmas? Share your traditions with us below.
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