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December 1, 2017

Tips for Holiday Traveling

“Over the river and thru the woods, to grandmother’s house we go!” Traveling during the holidays can be stressful for many reasons from driving in snowy weather to remembering to pack everyone’s presents. Wherever you’re headed for the holidays, here are a few tips to help create the happiest of holidays for you and your loved ones.

Research and avoid peak travel days

If at all possible, research when the peak days of travel are and avoid them. With everyone trying to get home for the holidays, try to avoid as much of the heavy traffic and congestion by traveling at less popular times.

Plan to leave earlier

Whether you decide to fly or drive, be sure to leave earlier than usual. Plan for extra time in case of poor weather or a long security line at the airport. Having extra time will help decrease stress during the crazy holiday season.

Pack Smart

Packing for the holidays can be tricky! With presents, winter clothing and layers, it can be easy to forget important essential items you many need. Create a packing list before leaving and be sure to check everything off before going. What travel tips do you have for holiday travel? Comment below and let us know!
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