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October 2, 2020

Tips for Translators: Keeping up Two Languages

Translators must maintain a strong level of proficiency in both their target and source languages. It is not easy keeping up two, or multiple languages. It requires continuous effort and study. Often translators translate from their native language or the language that they grew up speaking. Most translators live in the region where the language is spoken. Translators know the cultural nuances that surround the language and the common usage, qualifying them to make the linguistics and contextual decisions needed to create quality translations. Here are a few tips that can help you retain your knowledge of two or more languages:

Language Immersion

Keeping up your source language requires effort. Long-term exposure to the details of the ins and outs of  the language are needed to know the language well enough to translate accurately. Most translators have lived in the area where their second language is spoken. This type of immersion is needed to be able to master a second language well enough to become a translator.

Live where second language is spoken

When you have become proficient in a second language, translators must be able to maintain their language skills at a professional level. One of the ways translators can achieve this is by living where their second language is spoken. Native languages are easier to maintain. 

Daily language practice

When translators don’t live in the region of their source language, they can spend time daily keeping it up through reading books, watching tv, etc. in the target language. 

Language proficiency is key for quality translation and translators must make sure they take time to maintain their professional proficiency. Comment below and share with us ways that you keep up your second language.

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