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October 20, 2017

Style when Translating

Translation is not simply transferring words from one language to another language. A major part of translation is style. Style is the overall attitude, or feeling in a text. Recreating the same style is one of the most difficult tasks for translators.  

There are factors you need to take into consideration when having a text translated. Think about the purpose of your document, and who your target audience is. When a translator does not understand these things, they will have difficulty translating in the right style. Though they might find words with the same meaning, their translation might not convey the intended feeling.   The factors above help translators figure out the intended style of the text. An important part of translation is not only knowing the words, but having a knowledge of how the local language conveys that particular style (formal, informal, legal, comedic, etc.) Sometimes the best translation for the right style will not be a direct translation, but a different word or phrase, only  known by those who are really knowledgable about the language. Contact Same Day Translations for your translating needs, and be connected with translators who understand the importance of keeping the correct style.
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