Same Day Translations Gives Back

Same Day Translations Gives Back

Same Day Translations LLC (SDT) is a proud to sponsor Project Read. Project Read is a local program which offers tutoring in life skills and literacy to individuals that helps change their lives and in turn, improves the economy. Each year, project read helps about 100 adults improve their literacy and education levels, therefore, becoming more employable and earning more money to support their families. All of the tutors are volunteer their time. For every $1 donated, about $3 is returned to the county.  

This year, employees from SDT participated Project Read’s Spelling Bee fundraiser. Each company is given words to write down and spell. Here are a few words we learned to spell from the competition, see if you can spell them:

  • Onomatopoeia: the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named ex. Sizzle.
  • Caudillo: a Spanish or Latin American military dictator
  • Blitzkrieg: war conducted with great speed and force

At SDT, we value people and organizations such as Project Read who help individuals and the community.

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