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January 8, 2021

How to Reach Your Goals in 2021

With the beginning of a New Year, it is a great time to set some new goals and resolutions to improve yourself. Unfortunately, too many goals are given up on because they aren’t specific, measurable, attainable, realistic or timely (SMART Goals). 

Determine Your Goals

First, when you are setting goals, look in different areas of your life where you’d like to improve. A few topics you can choose from include intellectual, family, home, spiritual, social, physical, financial, travel, work, personal growth, etc. Choose to focus on your top three goals. 

Write Down Your Goals and Internalize Them

When you have created your goals, write them down. Physically writing down your goals will help you internalize them and keep you motivated in achieving them. 

Share Your Goals With A Close Friend Or Family Member

Share your goals with a close friend or family member. When you share your goals with someone who cares about you, they can help keep you accountable and support you in your journey to achieve your goals.

Set Apart Time to Achieve Your Goals

Take time each day or week to work on your goals. It doesn’t have to be long, but schedule specific time to work on your goals. 

Don’t Give Up

If you’re struggling achieving a goal, maybe you need to re-evaluate them and take smaller steps to achieve a bigger goal. Too often people have the mindset of “all or nothing”. Even if you get off track with your goal, keep trying. 

What goals are you setting for yourself this year? Comment below and share with us.