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March 22, 2019

How to Build a Robust Content Marketing Strategy

What is your content strategy for non-English markets?

Content is how a company communicates and informs its’ target audience. It is the lifeblood of any organization and the quality, accuracy and conciseness of the content communicates who you are and what services you provide or products you sell. When creating content for non-English speaking audiences, how accurately the translation and/or localization will communicate the message is critical to being well received, creating interest and ultimately, increasing market share. Is content development an intricate part of your marketing communications? Does your company value content enough to invest its’ development or is it created by whoever is available and on a topic they choose?

Elements of a robust content marketing strategy

The goal of content marketing is to provide the target audience with specific, relevant and valuable information to promote the company brand, increase customer loyalty and increase sales & profitability. Below is the “BUY-IN CONVERSATION CHECKLIST” (created by the Content Marketing Institute), which could be a good tool to use in preparation of publishing new content. Does your company have a process in place to ensure your content writer has all the facts and knowledge necessary to write content that is valuable to both the reader and your company? What is it?

Can you trust content to Machine Translation?

Short answer- YES, if it is used as a “tool” to assist translators. As stated previously, content is an organization’s life blood and, as such, a machine alone can not be trusted to translate content accurately. However, as a translator’s tool it offers some great benefits. The machine can translate must faster than a human allowing the translator to spend quality time in reviewing and editing the machine translation. The benefits to you are: 1. Your translated content is of professional human-quality 2. The cost of your content translation is reduced 30% 3. The translation turnaround times are cut in half. If you would like to test Machine Translation with Human Post Editing (MTPE), at no cost to you, please email [email protected].

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