How to become a certified translator

How to become a certified translator

Are you interested in a career as a certified translator? Professional translators are able to translate information from the source language to a target language. Translators may work in many fields, such as business, law, education, and medicine. One benefit of becoming a translator is the opportunity to freelance and have a flexible work schedule where you can travel frequently or work from home. If becoming a translator sounds appealing to you, here is what you need to do to become a certified translator:

Complete your Bachelors degree

Earning a bachelor’s degree is typically required in becoming a translator. There is no specific area of study that is required to become a translator, however, many translators choose a language or translation program (if available).

Become certified

Use a well-known organization such as the American Translators Association (ATA) to become certified. The ATA translation certification exam consists of two passages that the translator will translate. The exams are graded on word choice, grammar and the overall translation quality.

Gain experience

Most employers prefer hiring translators with at least 5 years of practical experience. Volunteer work might be necessary to establish relationships and gain experience.

Comment below if you have any other questions about how to become a translator. Best of luck with your translation career!

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