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September 4, 2020

3 Tips to Run a Successful Business During COVID-19

Due to the Coronavirus, there are many businesses that are struggling to stay afloat. For any business to survive, especially during this interesting time, there are a few business practices that you can do to help you not only survive during the pandemic but thrive. Here are a few skills that if you incorporate may help ensure a successful and long run business.

  1. Be responsive

It can be very frustrating when you email someone needing their service and you receive no response or a delayed response. Being quick to respond shows that you are courteous, professional and interested in building a future relationship with the client. 

  1. Meet deadlines

Businesses that respect deadlines and keep you in the loop about the estimated time the project will be delivered are obviously best. In the translation business, most projects have quick turnaround deadlines. Project managers must manage giving enough time to linguists and having a quick turnaround for the clients. Keeping clients in the loop is key to building a great relationship with them. 

  1. Beat out the competition

The best companies value their clients and continue building long-lasting relationships with them. A few ways to stand out from competitors are being proactive, professional, communicating clearly with clients and showing great attention to detail. Companies who build a reputation for their quality and consistency will help you stand apart from others.

What other skills have you learned or seen other companies attribute to their success? Comment below and share with us!

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